eGift Cards and Retail

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eGift Cards and Retail

Hey guys!


I hope to find everyone healthy and hopeful! I am sure once this is all done, we will be so happy.

For the last couple of weeks, you guys have been awesome sharing your ideas on how I could continue to run my business in these times of stress and unpredictability. The ideas were GREAT, so THANK YOU!

There were many requests for Gift Certificates and products that I wanted to create a venue to make it more convenient to you!

This past 2 weeks I have been working hard on creating my own retail website where you can choose to buy your favorite products and egift cards !

Yes, and I had no help from my IT Consultant, I mean my husband. I did it all on my own, so pardon me if the website is not the fanciest and the most intricate format


Here’s the link:


If you can’t find your favorite item, please let me know by texting me 978-944-3523 or emailing. I will double check my inventory and get back to you.

I can deliver the items to your door steps! You don’t have to come to the salon for pick up. Just make sure you add your address at checkout!

With grateful heart, I in advance Thank YOU for your support,